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A concise idea about valve replacement?

If the valve damage happens to be severe it is obvious that you would need to replace it. More often than not you go on to treat aortic valves, and at the same time mitral valves that are severely damaged. Any life threatening valve disease is also cured by it. In certain cases a patient may have more than a single valve damaged of theirs; in that case a valve replacement may be suggested as well.

The mechanical valves are incorporated from plastic or other synthetic materials. They are going to last a long time as they tend to be safe. As the blood vessels stick to the mechanical valves and then go on to develop blood clots, as a patient you would need to take life threatening medicines for the rest of your life as well. Then we consider the biological valve which is incorporated from animal tissues. In some cases the own tissue of the patient could be put to use for valve replacement. There is no need to consume any blood thinning medicines. Her valves are pretty much stronger like the mechanical valves, but the point is that you would need to replace them in 10 years. They tend to break down quickly in the younger age bracket, so you would find that mostly in elders they are put to use.

Before the surgery a day before the patients are being admitted to the hospital. Sometimes it could be even on the morning of the surgery. On the night before the surgery you might be asked to reduce the number of germs on your skin. Once you are admitted to the hospital, the area that needs to be worked will be cleaned by an antiscpectic and if the need arises could be shaved as well.

You will be made to sleep before the surgery. This goes by the name of anaesthesia and it is done on an empty stomach. It is a safe procedure and you are going to be asked not to eat or drink before the surgery. In case if you plan to do so it is better that you discuss with your surgeon as well. Stop smoking before surgery as it could lead to issues with breathing.

As far as the mitral valve replacement in India is concerned, it is going to be scheduled at a time when it happens to be comfortable for both the doctor and the patient. Once the surgery approaches it is better to discuss with your cardiologist and surgeon about the general condition of your health. In case if you are suffering from flu or cold it could lead to a damp squib as far as the process of recovery is concerned. Runny nose or coughing is something you need to be aware of as well. Do discuss with your doctor if you are suffering from any of the above symptoms.

Do discuss with the medical staff the medicines you are consuming. Some medicines may totally need to be stopped before the surgery.


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