A New Study Reveals Many in the UK Don’t Have Sex

A New Study Reveals Many in the UK Don’t Have Sex

International Andrology conducted a survey examining sexual attitudes in Britain. The survey which involved 2000 respondents covered issues such as satisfaction with penis size, number of partners, penis size, porn consumption and the frequency of sexual activity. The result shows that a substantial number of the British population never has sex in UK with their partners.

Of the 12 regions in the country that were surveyed, nearly 11% of men and women in Yorkshire and Humberside never have sex with their partners. 9.76% of couples in the East Midlands and 9.69% of couples in the South East also never have se with their partners. The results were a lot better in London with only 3.95% of people reporting they never have sex with their partners.

The study found that of the individuals, who report no sexual activity with their partners, 51% of men watched porn at least once a month and 12% watched porn every day. Of these, 49% of women never watch porn and about 8% watch porn once in three months.

The Implications of These Findings

The general health benefits of an active sex life have been widely reported. A healthy sex life can significantly improve an individual’s physical and mental health and can also significantly reduce the risk of a number of illnesses for both men and women.

It seems rather alarming that such a large percentage of individuals don’t have sex. But the reasons can range from biological issues to social and psychological issues. At the beginning of a relationship, a couple can experience a period of increased sexual attraction that can be fueled by exploration and intrigue. But after some time together, the romance can quickly dissipate and couples can grow apart.

Most women will also suffer lowered libido following childbirth and during menopause. Production of Androgen, the hormone responsible for desire and impulse is reduced and oxytocin, a hormone that promoted feelings of warmth and motherhood can increase.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is also a major factor. It affects 1 in 3 British men at some point in their lives. One of the main symptoms of ED is its direct effect on sexual performance. It can be caused by a number of issues including hormonal imbalances, neurological issues and depression although it can also indicate serious underlying medical conditions.

Peyronie’s Disease or the curvature of the penis can also be a factor. This illness can cause penetrative sex to be very painful and often difficult or impossible. The condition affects about 9% of the male population in Britain and although it can easily be treated, it can often have a lasting impact on the man’s self-image.

About 36% of British men are unhappy about the size of their penis which can lead to a lack of confidence and therefore lead to lower libido. It is however worth noting that all these sexual health problems have solutions in the form of medication or medical interventions.


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