Digital smile design: What is it and what advantages does it bring?

Digital smile design: What is it and what advantages does it bring?

Today, patients who undergo dental treatments, whatever they are, are increasingly demanding more aesthetic and natural results for your smile. That is, whether the person needs an implant or if a veneer is placed, it is not satisfied only with the replacement or repair of his tooth. The patient also demands that the appearance of said dental piece fit naturally in his mouth and that no one can perceive the treatment that has been performed.

As a result of this growing aesthetic demand, new technologies and dental techniques have been developed that can meet the current needs of patients. Among these advances stand out the smile design software.

What are smile design software?

A smile design software is a computer program that allows digitally planning and recreating the treatment to which the patient is going to be subjected. Although this program can be used in all dental specialties, it is mainly used in treatments of veneers (porcelain or composite) or dental implants , including complete rehabilitations.

This is because in this type of treatments the natural tooth of the patient can be modified in terms of color, size, shape or position. Therefore, more possibilities must be studied in order to guarantee an optimal functional and aesthetic result.

However, in orthodontic treatments, for example, only the position of the tooth is modified.

In addition to allowing the dentist to study the different aesthetic options in terms of  color, size, shape or position of the tooth, this software is used to  visualize the final result of the smile.

Since all this process is done at the beginning of the treatment, the dentist will have more control over it and will have a very realistic view of what the patient’s final smile will be like.Therefore, the treatment will also be very effective and predictable.

What is Digital Smile Design System and how does it work?

In our clinic, we use the Digital Smile Design (DSD) software, one of the best programs of this type that currently exist in the market.

This smile design software is used once the patient decides to carry out their treatment of veneers (porcelain or composite) or implants.

That is to say, it is part of the aesthetic study that we perform to the people who are going to undergo the aforementioned treatments. In this study, both the patient’s face and mouth are analyzed, taking into account their features and proportions. In this way, it is intended to achieve a harmonious result.

The Digital Smile System program is fundamentally based on special glasses that have reference points. These points allow you to take measurements and check the symmetries and proportions of the face.

To do this, the patient must put on these glasses. Once you have them on, the dentist will make  four photographs of your face: one at rest, another smiling, another with separators and another pronouncing the word “i”.

Subsequently, the dentist will load the images taken in the software and, taking as a reference the measurements provided by the glasses, will begin to plan the treatment of his patient.

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What advantages does Digital Smile System provide?

The main advantage for the patient is that his dentist can plan the treatment in detail before asking the laboratory for the veneer or crown that will be placed. This is possible thanks to the different features provided by the smile design software:

  • Measure the proportions of the face: it takes into account both the proportions and the shape of the face. That is, depending on these measures and if the face is triangular, square or oval suggests which are the types of teeth that provide better appearance
  • It has galleries of teeth: the dentist can experiment with different types of teeth-depending on their size, color, shape or position-before choosing the final ones
  • It works with different images of the patient: the fact of having a wide register allows the dentist to study the patient’s teeth and smile from different perspectives
  • Provides drawing tools: when studying the case, the professional can make all marks or annotations that are useful, such as pointing the different parts of the face, draw the line of the smile

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Given all the features and facilities offered by Digital Smile System, its use entails benefits for both the patient and the dentist who carries out the treatment.

For the patient, the main benefit is that he obtains a highly aesthetic, very effective and predictable result.

For its part, this program facilitates collaboration and communication between the dentist and the laboratory that manufactures the veneer or crown. This is because the professional dentist in Dubai who has planned the treatment can perform a very detailed job request to the laboratory, which translates into greater ease when it comes to receiving the result you expect. This, as it could not be otherwise, is, in turn, a benefit for the patient.


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