Do You Know About the Medicinal Value of Pearls?

Whenever we think about pearls, the first thing that crosses our mind is the jewelry item or as a decoration piece. However, pearls also have internal and external application as medicine too.

People who have sleep related issues can get cured by consuming pearl as medicine. Besides that, by using it externally on the skin, it can make a lot of improvement on the skin too.

Let us read here in this post few more information about medicinal value of pearls.

1.Configuration of pearls

As we know pearl is formed due to secretion by bivalve shells e.g. pearl shellfish, Marsh’s scallop, scorpionfish or the pleated corolla. It is a circular object and is one of the luxurious jewelries.

Pearls are also a valuable medicine according to Chinese method of treatment. It can produce calming effect on the nerves, can clear heat and yin, clear the eyes and also can detoxify and nourish our muscles.

2. Effect of pearl powder and oral consumption

Pearl powder is health care product that is made into capsules after grinding them into fine powder.

The pearl powder can produce following effects –

  • Calms the nerves
  • Clear away yin and heat
  • Clears the eyes
  • Detoxifying

Pearls have been used successfully for treating insomnia, epilepsy, convulsions, headache, etc. and also effective for oral inflammation, upper respiratory tract-congestion, lung disease hemoptysis.

3. External use of pearls

Pearls are not just for oral administration only but also have application for external use. Pearl powder is also used for number of skin care products. As the pearl contains manganese, copper and trace of chromium which is good for skin.

Besides that, pearls can also prevent and also delay of organ aging lowers blood cholesterol, increases high-density protein and also help in preventing and treating atherosclerosis.


Due to advancement in technology, living standards has sufficiently improved and people are giving more attention to health, taking nutrition product, and also choosing various kinds of products for health care.

Pearl powder is found to be improving quality of sleep, calming down nerves, and hence becoming popular among people.

Therefore, in future pearl enterprises are going to become a huge industry.


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