Experiences that heals the mental anxiousness

Nature and the woman

Every woman is always very much special in this universe. They are the person for which we get life in this planet. And this is the very case for which we should respect them and also love them above all. Women are naturally supplied with all the requirements that is needed to have for giving birth to a baby, which certainly the men does not have. Thus this is very much exclusive for the woman and also of very much pride to bring a life in this universe. And a family is very much empty without a baby. The process of this reproduction of a baby undertaken by a woman is called as the sexual reproduction. And every life in earth which belongs to the mammal class all undergo this phenomenon called as the sexual reproduction. This process has the involvement of both the man and the woman, where both the male and the female gamete gets mixed together and get all the nutrition and the nurturing from the female body to become a multi-cellular human baby. The process is very much complex thus takes a lot of time, almost about 9 months. This 9 months long phenomena that redefines the woman and their life is called as the pregnancy.


Pregnancy happens over period of about 9 months. This 9 months is very much crucial as well it compromises the body of the woman very much in every possible dimension. They experience a lot of changes in their body. for the baby they put on a lot of weight also which very much required as in the growth period the baby needs a lot of space inside the womb to so that their growth happens normally, thus the belly pops out of the woman’s body. Along with that other problems are very much common like the respiratory problem because of the constriction in the diaphragmic movement. Many of these problems are very much due to the excessive production of the hormones. And this in this this period along with the increased production of the common hormones, few new hormones like the prolactin secretion also occur4s so that they can help in the process. Thus woman suffers a lot in this period. Many rely on the expert advice during pregnancy that they get from the different other woman who already experienced the phenomenon. These advices are very much helpful in many cases as the woman undergoing the gestation period will get alarmed of the particular condition.

To remove the anxiety

Woman in this phase travel through a lot of anxiety issues which is very much common as they are concerned about the well-being of their baby. This anxiety is the main cause for many disease and other health condition. Thus the stories from about their journey in many cases removes all the anxiety.

To know, what is going to happen?

Along with that it also helps the woman to know the sequence of the events that she is going to face in the coming days, which very much required also.


There are few websites that conduct the pregnancy advice live chat with the help of which woman undergoing the period get connected to many other woman’s as well.


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