Ovarian Cancer and its effects

Ovarian Cancer and its effects

Female reproductive system

Human female beings are one of the most complex of all organism present in this universe. They have a lot more functions and also lot of specific organs for those functions going on in their body. This study has been done in comparison to the male counterpart. The difference between the male and the female organization is mainly in the reproductive organs, and their way of reproductive function. The females have the capacity to produce or rather to reproduce a life within her body. This property is one of the most beautiful property as a small life which is called as the baby gets churned out of his or her mother womb after growing as well as developing there for 9 long months. This very process is called as the sexual reproduction and it is performed each and every mammal of the animal kingdom. It requires the involvement of both the male and the female as for both of them their genetic material needs to get exchanged as well as react with each other which develop in to fetus. And thus without the male gamete or the sperm the reaction won’t even start in the female system. And the reaction starts with the ova or the eggs produced from the ovary in the female body.


Ovary is one of the most important organ of the female system and also it is the site where the ova or the eggs are produced. These eggs or the ova are the factors which gives the woman its fertility characteristic that is they are reproductively active and are able to produce young ones. The eggs and the sperm react to form the zygote which actually develops on a span of about 9 months to form a sweet little baby. In the female body the ovary is two in number help aside by the membrane adjacent to the uterus. Apart from the production of the ova or the eggs, are also the site or it can also be called as the gland that will produce important hormones like the estrogen and the progesterone. These are very important hormone that is needed at every instance for a woman. As we know cancer, one of the worst disease, happens in almost all possible organs and the tissues present in the human body. Ovary is also not an exception. Recently ovarian cancer has been very much common among the females and the fatality rate is increasing day by day. It is one of the worst site where this even worse disease can happen.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is characterized by the overproduction of different type of cell which a not utilizable, and thus the tumor formation occurs. As a result it affects the normal function of the ovary in a large way.


Although the fatality rate of this type of cancer ids very much high where almost above 70% of the patients are dying from this disease, if it is diagnosed in very early stage doctors are able to dismiss the disease from its root.


Ovarian cancer treatment cost in India is very much high as it needs special attention to other factors as well during the treatment.



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