The case in favour of vibrators

A vibrator is not a substitute for a human penis. A woman may use a vibrator for several reasons, and it’s up to her partner to accommodate it as a part of their sex life.

Everybody has sex, but every person’s expectations and needs from it are different. Women, especially, can often get the short end of the stick when it comes to meaningful, satisfying sex – society and mass media both condition women to believe that they can and should achieve orgasm through peno-vaginal sex, and that if a woman knows ‘too much’ about sex, then it’s a reflection on her character.

What rubbish, we say. Women can have fully satisfying sex lives if they got more in tune with their bodies and what they specifically need from sex. This knowledge increases their confidence and they may even be able to communicate their feelings to their sexual partner.

The best way to get attuned to the rhythms of your body and have greater pleasure in sex, is to use a vibrator.

What are vibrators?

They are a battery-operated implement designed to rhythmically hit the erogenous zones of the body to increase sexual excitement. Some vibrators are designed for use only in the female genital area, while others may be used all over the body. The device may be used for a few minutes prior to sex, or the user may use it to masturbate. The end results are expected to be greater lubrication and a satisfying orgasm. Men may be able to use certain kinds of vibrators, too.

Why use them?

There are several reasons why a woman may use a vibrator. Some of them are:

* To pleasure herself when she is alone. Some women do not have a boyfriend or sexual partner, but will still have a libido. The vibrator helps to release pent-up sexual energy in a satisfying way.

* To explore her body. Every person thinks that they know their bodies well, but they discover another side to themselves when they start using a vibrator. The rhythmic pulsating or fluttering motions of the device can help a woman discover many unknown facts about her own body. She may stumble across new pleasure zones, or find out exactly how long she takes to climax with clitoral stimulation.

* To get adequately stimulated. Despite enough foreplay from their partners, some women just do not get sufficiently lubricated for penetrative sex. It could simply be a matter of longer foreplay required, or better quality foreplay! A vibrator can stimulate the sensitive nerves in the body and bring the woman to heightened arousal that releases lubricating fluid in her vaginal canal.

* To use with her partner. Who says vibrators are useful only when you’re flying solo? Two people in a loving, committed relationship would be open to experimentation, and using a sex toy helps in this regard. It can be used by both partners for better sex and intense orgasms.


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