The pointers to a sunny side up delivery mean?

The pointers to a sunny side up delivery mean?

Recently my friend went on to deliver a beautiful girl, but towards the fag end of pregnancy she faced a lot of back pain towards the back. It was suggested that she needs to have a C section as a sunny side up delivery was expected. As a woman most of you would have heard of breech birth but what does sunny side up baby delivery mean assumes a lot of importance as well. In medical terms you can go on to describe it as an occiput position or OP position at the same time.

It would point to the fact that the head of the baby is turned but it occurs in the wrong manner. The back portion of the head that would be the posterior and the face of the baby are being pressed against the pubic bone as well. It points to the fact that the head of the baby is really difficult to be extended from the pubic bone as well. It does indicate that the labour will be tough and a lot longer than earlier expected.

Till date a lot of studies have evolved on the subject of OP position. What it is going to achieve for a delivery and at the same time how you can prevent it as well. As far as the studies indicate it does point to the following outcomes

  • With OP position it happens to be all the more common in the starting phase of labour and this makes up around 30 % of pregnancies.
  • It is on expected lines that most babies would return back to the normal position by the time of delivery. Only in the rarest of cases 5 % of the babies have persistent OP. if this is the case it would point to the occurrence of a C section and studies does point to the fact that nearly 30 % of babies who have persistent levels of OP have a C section.
  • The chances of it increase all the more when it happens to be your first pregnancy. In terms of figures it stands at around 7 %.

What it does point to the fact that even if you start your delivery with your baby at a sunny side up level, by the time delivery occurs you are expected to be in a proper position. It does appear to be a great feeling if with the aid of posturing you can go on to work on the odds. Till date though it has not been of much help as of now.

Do ask the health care provider on how was their experience in dealing with OP positioned babies. Do discuss with them the options of delivery if the baby happens to be sunny side up. It is clear that the more you are aware of what is going to happen the better you will be able to cope up with the situation. On the internet also you can find various materials as well.


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