In medical terms, pregnancy is the state of carrying a developing embryo or fetus for a certain period of time till delivery within the female body but generally, to a woman, pregnancy means lots of dreams and happenings to bring the new in earth. Several tests are there to confirm the pregnancy followed by regular checkups and maintaining good health and circumstances to give birth of a healthy baby. The period generally lasts for about nine moths measured from the date of woman’s last menstrual cycle. During this long period a woman have to adjust with many difficulties as well as many painful proceedings to finally deliver her baby.


The nine months path of pregnancy, to a woman, is nothing but a huge condition to maintain. It is normal for them to experience health problems during pregnancy which involve the mother’s health, the fetus health or both which can fill the path of pregnancy with high risks. These problems might include high blood pressure, infections, nausea, vomiting, anemia, itchiness, back pain and others, which if unattended, might cause severe birth defect to the baby or even lead to miscarriages. Thus, path of pregnancy till delivery is a must maintain rules situation for every would-be-mother.


During pregnancy, a woman’s body passes through a number of changes to make it adjusted and favorable to the new born baby. Hormonal changes, breast expansion and increased blood flow may cause a woman to experience problems like itchy nipples during pregnancy. This is such a condition which a woman never ever has to ignore and must visit a registered doctor for treatment. It is found in many cases that this symptom of itchiness is non-cancerous but if unattended it can be sign of rare and serious form of cancer known as Paget’s disease of the breast. Symptoms might include nipple soreness, tingling, sensitivity and breast heaviness which needs to be taken care of. The itchy areola pregnancy includes itching conditions with burning and pain, pimple, scaling skin or lesions that leak fluid, which a would-be mother needed to utter to the doctors for fast and effective relief.


Visiting a doctor in such cases is always important as home remedies might not always be fruitful to deal with these kind of problems. Antibiotics may be recommended if the infection develops otherwise avoiding scratching or keeping the areola skin moisturized or hydrated or using topical steroids and other prescribed medications as directed might give the woman the relief from the problem. Harsh chemicals should be also prevented from reaching the skin and wearing a good fitting light maternity bra with good air flow system can help reduce the itching.


After the 32nd week it is a common problem for the pregnant woman to have itchy areola but it should be taken care of as if unattended the itchy nipples during pregnancy third trimester can lead her to severe cancer which In turn, can affect both mother and the new born baby. Thus, it should be taken care of.


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